My Hotel isn’t Ghetto, Your Hotel is Ghetto.

We have been reenacting the Suite Life of Zach & Cody for seven weeks now.  For six of those weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to have only had two different rooms.  We use (trust me, this is the opposite of an ad. Barf 😝) every week to book the following week’s stay.  Each time I do this, I  make a note at the end of the reservation and request a particular room, if not something on the top floor, as we’ve just had a better experience up there because, windows.  Well somewhere between and the hotel receiving our reservation, that little morsel of info gets lost.

Lost in space, lost in translation, your guess is as good as mine.

Which means every Sunday night when we make the reluctant schlep back to our lap of luxury, we cross our fingers and toes and maybe even pray the Rosary a time or two that our room of five weeks and counting is available.  We aren’t a picky people, we had just taken a liking to the room we had our second week, and when you’re living in a hotel M-F, it gets to the point where you’re just thirsty for something resembling consistency.  But since this week was a four-day week due to President’s Day, we didn’t get back to Bean Town until Monday evening where we heard the words we’d been dreading for five weeks now, “no but 419 is available. 😬”


Ugh. Ok.  Whatever.  It’s four nights and we can try again next week.  Plus this one has a view of the river and the traffic I don’t get to spend enough time in, instead of the roof and the ice-covered pool.

We got used to the little quirks of our other room, but being dropped into a new one may have jostled our rose colored glasses a bit.


Reality check.  Your hotel may be ghetto if

The toilet paper holder is falling out of the wall.  This was actually a phenomenon in every room we’ve been in thus far.  I’m still back and forth between conclusions.  Them trying to save screws by only using one instead of two per holder.  Or people have some serious bathroom emergencies in this particular hotel.  Now look, we’ve all been there.  But I don’t ever recall a time where it was such an epic event that the toilet paper holder couldn’t handle the force.

a cute shot of the lobby.  just kidding. 😂

The water only comes hot.  Like, piping hot.  On the cold setting.  Now, in our first room, the shower setting was backwards.  If you wanted cold water, you turned it to the left, and hot to the right.  That’s fine.  At least the sink was normal, and you had access to the full spectrum of temperatures.  Here, when you go to wash your hands, you better sing Happy Birthday at lightening speed, because that puppy is room temp for about nine seconds before you enter burn town.  Even at it’s coldest setting, there is actual steam coming from the sink.  What?? 😂

And if you think that’s weird, well then I can’t wait to talk to you about how the toilet flushes WITH HOT WATER.  Try sitting over that steaming tank while taking the longer of the two bathroom breaks.

want some boiling hot water for your tea? It’s running 24/7 in my bathroom, this week only!

The elevators are “out of service.”  Seemingly indefinitely.  We arrived at our little slice of paradise for the first time on January 7th.  We were told the elevators were out of service.  “No biggie!” I thought, as I pictured the upcoming ten weeks of sedentary living.  I probably would have opted for the stairs anyway.  But here we are, February 22nd, said elevators are still “broken.”  I even have a theory the elevator doors on the top floor are just for looks. 🤔😂

who needs a gym membership?


The door handle is broken.  This door handle was like the redheaded stepchild of the 4th floor.  It’s right near one of the stairwells I use, and I passed it daily on the way to our other room.  Every time I walked by, it was always kind of hanging out in this painful looking position— very “dislocated shoulder.”  I admit, I would kind of scoff at this door handle about three times per day when I walked by thinking, “sucks for those guests.”  Welp, karma’s a bitch, huh?  😂


Don’t worry.  It’s not all bad.  They have surprisingly tasty crockpot oatmeal every morning & a waffle maker for those “what new years resolution?” days.  Yeah, the eggs smell like a wet dog, and we get a super concentrated whiff of weed every night around 7pm, but hey.  Most people pay money for that high, right?  Right? 😂

This whole experience certainly gives new meaning to TGIF, I tell ya. 😂

What was your worst hotel experience?

7 thoughts on “My Hotel isn’t Ghetto, Your Hotel is Ghetto.

    1. Oh my gosh I can’t even imagine! Bet it was entertaining! I worked in a hotel for two years, but in the restaurant. I did deliver some room service a few times, but I didn’t get a real taste of hotel work. I wish I had, ha!


  1. So I am not exactly sure why you are staying at a hotel…i just stumbled upon your blog from Proverbs 31(after seeing that you liked a post. This happens often where i just get lost following a “bunny trail” due to my inquisitive/nosey nature. And perhaps my adult ADD which has also led me very off topic yet again). All that being said, I guess I will find out the “why” behind your hotel adventure as I go back through your posts. I was literally LOLing as I read this post. Especially the photo of the lobby- charming. I have also had the priveledge of an extended stay at Ghetto Suites. JK, thats not the actual name but close enough. Google Budget Lodge in Austin TX on Rundberg. The photos speak for themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I just saw this comment– it got trapped by my spam blocker for some reason!! Aww, I’m glad you liked the post! And I’m glad you found my blog! We are in a hotel during the first few weeks of my husband’s new job while we wait to close on our home :). And I did google that hotel, and now I feel a wee bit dramatic in my post, LOL! I’m glad you survived your stay! Another image that came up in the search was someone’s legs with bug bits all over them… I hope it doesn’t mean that google search is synonymous with bed bugs! hahah! Yikes!


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