To plan or not to plan?

Happy Friday, friends!

Real quick before I get into today’s post, I just wanted to provide a quick follow-up slash update to yesterday’s post about the ghetto ass hotel we are living in for about three more weeks.

Remember how I mentioned that our sink (and toilet, can’t forget that little surprise) only ran hot HOT water?  Well, growing up with family who didn’t always realize they were flushing a toilet while you were in the shower finally paid off!  (Definitely never saw this particular full circle coming. 😂)  All those years of momentarily freezing and waiting for the toilet to complete its flush convinced me to try doing just that— flush the toilet while the sink was running.  Maybe, just maybe, it would suck all the hot water away and replace it with cold.  Yes, clearly, I don’t have a working knowledge (or any knowledge) of how pipes work.  BUT IT DID THE TRICK!  VICTORY!  It gave us a solid range of water temperatures for the rest of the evening!  I am a plumber!


Hey, when you spend 60% of your time in a hotel (and the other 40 in traffic), it really, truly is the little things that tickle your lust for life. 😂


Anyway, it’s a pretty dreary Friday over here in middle New England.  I’m sitting in a Starbucks waiting for Anthony to get out of work so we can get started on this whole weekend thang! 💃

While eating lunch, I overheard a conversation.  By “overheard,” I of course mean that I totally paused my podcast for a minute.  I’m only human.  🤦‍♀️

It was between a guy on a lunch break and someone who, when I walked by I assumed was his friend who looked and sounded like your typical type A.

After I got all my items, the only open seat with an outlet was a couple feet away from this pair.  Entering into this saga midway, my initial impression had me picturing Type A as the guy’s boss because this conversation sounded serious.  Serious enough that I was totally thinking someone was getting, or about to get, their ass chewed out for their poor planning.


Next, there was some chatter about one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms.  Hearing that, I was overwhelmed with understanding.  Ok, they are talking about real estate.  We are knee-deep in that sh**storm lately, so bro, I empathize.  The harsh tone and frustration suddenly made so much sense.  Obviously the dude is looking for an apartment, and this is his realtor.

Wrong again.  The next turn the conversation took was down a road of spreadsheets and meal stipends.  About who would spend more on food and how much they were allowed to eat out.  There were idea “proposals” and a few tense moments of bickering.  More referencing of the spreadsheets and arguing about whose account gets to earn the discounts and special perks.

Turns out, they were planning… a V A C A T I O N. 🤯




Cheers to… relaxation? 🤷‍♀️

There are two types of vacationers.  The go with the flow’ers, and the hardcore planners.  What type of vacationer are you?

I can be pretty lazy.  And semi-organized, but not nearly enough to put pen to paper and plan anything beyond the plane tickets and hotel.


It’s great, because it’s super relaxing in that we get to sleep in a little later than normal, and feel well rested when the trip is over.  However the downside is, Anthony and I will often find ourselves wondering what to do, and when we can’t decide on something, we do a lot of sitting around.  Which, again, relaxing, but at the same time, not so much.

Sometimes having nothing to do is just as stressful as having too much.  You are so desperate to make the most of your trip, that you can’t decide what to do, and end up doing nothing.  Which tends to leave Anthony and me feeling wasteful and like we didn’t take advantage of the time.


I don’t think too too many people are as serious about it as the two people I saw in Starbucks today.  But I do think there are some real benefits to being organized about your vacationing.  Are there any planners out there with specific pros and cons about it?

I think the moral of the story is, plan a little bit so you’re not spending all your time trying to make the most of your hard earned vacations rather than actually enjoying them.  But not too much that you’re stressed out and wishing it was over before the trip even begins.

Oh, and to also not jump to conclusions when overhearing conversations.  And lastly, possibly leave your podcast playing and mind your own business. 🙋‍♀️

Happy weekending! 💖


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