bangs for your buck

Happy Hump Day!  Around these parts of the south Boston ghett., Wednesdays are for gas and coffee!!

Yep.  The highlight of my week is when I drive 20 minutes south to the nearest Cumberland Farms.  (Their gas is cheap & their coffee is bomb— and $1!)

Guys, I’m talking— I skip the gym Wednesday mornings, put on makeup, do my hair, and go get gas and a coffee.  Like… what?  Is this what my life has become?  😂  Two more weeks.  Two more weeks.  Two more weeks. 🤗  Well, 2.5… (hump day and all.)


Today’s trip started a little earlier than normal, meaning I would be done a little earlier than normal.  Which more than likely wouldn’t give housekeeping at the hotel enough time to be out of the room by the time I came back.  Seriously, every time I come back from somewhere, I see their cart outside my propped open door.  And I usually have to pee.  Yay!

So I drove around for a little while and remembered back when we first started this stint in Boston that I had happened upon a Christmas Tree Shop(s) not far from there.  I had never been and wanted to go in but also wanted to get back to the hotel because I wasn’t too comfortable wandering around eastern Mass just yet.  So I skipped it and said “some other time.”

Well that some other time was today.  And folks?  It’s everything I’ve ever hoped for and more.  It’s like a mix of Home Goods (products) and Ocean State Job Lot (food), where everything is cute and reasonably priced!  It had me feeling that same euphoria that I’ve only ever experienced at Costco, the other motherland for those of us who love to shop yet hate to actually spend money.


I bought candles for me, candles for my mom, (you’d think it was a one day trunk sale and not a store that’s there seven days a week) and took pictures of 16 other things I want but don’t need, such as ceramic red and white bowls that say “popcorn” & sets of different sized jars to store different pastas that are just for looks on our future counters.  I was severely green with envy at the lady in front of me at checkout who was clearly decking out her digs for St. Patrick’s Day (I long for the day where I can decorate things again.. which let’s face it, is never because I’m cheap), and re-planned the future gallery wall for our future living room, thanks to the future trip we will be taking to frame section…  I can’t wait to drag Anthony there in a couple weeks!

If you ask me, between Costco and Christmas Tree Shops… what other store do you need in life? 🤷‍♀️

(No really, where do you love to shop?)

Happy Wednesday! 💖

2 thoughts on “bangs for your buck

  1. If you want to find great places to go watch Chronicle on WCVB at 7:30 Monday-Friday. They do themed shows and regularly do cheap eats and cheap shopping episodes. They have lots of links on their web site too.


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