5 Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes to Fuel your Inner Badass.

I know International Women’s Day was last Thursday.  But it was also Anthony’s birthday and a snow day and the day I chose to open up about why the housekeeping staff at my hotel are probably on their knees with immeasurable gratitude that this is our last week here (I know I am. Holla 🙌).

But, even though I think women are badass every day, since I didn’t want to let it slip by without any real recognition, I wanted to give a shoutout to arguably one of the original bad asses of our gender, the Eleanor Roosevelt.

· Okay.  We all know this one.  But do we know how much truth it packs?  How much power you wield the moment you stop giving people permission to make you feel like less?  Not only power over your own inner voice of doubt, but over anyone else’s that tries to push you down because they think it’s the quickest & easiest way to make them rise.  They can only get into our heads if we let them in when they knock.  You don’t have to answer the door.  (Shit, I don’t even answer my actual front door like, 90% of the time.  Basically, you’d better be holding a package. 🙈)


· Today, especially with almighty keyboard warriors of the inter webs thinking they are the authority on all of the things, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, and there’s really no way around it.  If something feels right, and you know it in your ticker, go with it.  Because the haters are life’s speed bumps.  They are going to push back regardless of what choice you make.  And I’d rather fight off the flack knowing that I did the right thing than catch the flack anyway after doing the wrong thing, thinking I was going to dodge it.


· This.  A reminder we all need at times, I think from both sides of the coin.  But the ones who need it the most are the ones who let the opinions of the small-minded put out their fire.  This may be the arrogant Leo in me, but lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.  Hint: you’re a lion.


· This took me a long time to realize for myself.  As someone who grew up pretty shy & self-conscious, it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I finally realized, we are all in the same insecure little boat.  When you let yourself believe that people are judging you or thinking badly of you or laughing at you?  I can promise you they are far too busy worrying about what you are thinking of them to be thinking all that about you.  No one else sees in you the negatives you see in the mirror.


· Last but not least, the most important.  Go for it.  I think now more than ever, the world needs those who fearlessly pursue their passions and turn dreams into realities.  JK Rowling.  Steve Jobs.  Hillary Clinton (even if you hate her like I do 💁🏻)  Oprah.  I’m not sure any of us want a glimpse of what the world would look like if Steve Jobs was just a dreamer.    If Oprah took up accounting after being fired.  I still somehow believe only Martha Stewart herself could actually give birth to the wonder that is Pinterest.  And I don’t know about you, but can we just take a minute and picture how horrifyingly boring the last 20 years worth of my life reading would have been if JK Rowling hadn’t taken a leap of faith with her story about a wizard and turned that into a worldwide phenomenon.  So leave the doubt in your rear view and write the book.  Create the app.  Pitch your ideas.  Start your business.  Because Eleanor Roosevelt said so.

13 thoughts on “5 Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes to Fuel your Inner Badass.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, there were a couple that were new for me too! And I had no idea Eleanor Roosevelt was responsible for the ones about great, average and small minds!

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