the last night

I can’t believe I’m finally saying this.  Ten weeks ago this moment felt like the horizon at the end of the labyrinth from that movie Labyrinth with baby Jennifer Connelly and a young David Bowie.  AKA my favorite movie when I was little for reasons unknown because thinking back it’s actually kind of creepy and weird in a non-cartoon, Alice in Wonderland, drug-induced type way.

Translating that to English, it felt like no matter how far we delved into this stint, the end never felt like it was getting any closer than “a couple months away.”

But, alas…


Which also means plethora of additional, joyous lasts:


∗ The last time I say “we should really consider becoming Panera rewards members..” during our weekly (or bi-weekly 🐷) Panera Bread date when we’d get sick of frozen microwaved dinners.  I wonder how many rewards we would have wracked up by this point. 🤔

The last time I walk by the out of service elevators, wondering if they will ever function during my lifetime.

Update: It was legit running TODAY.  I mean, I didn’t trust it enough to actually use it… but I saw it.  Don’t stop believing, kids.

∗ The last time I leave the room specifically to avoid housekeeping and, pray to the housekeeping gods that when I return they will be done with my room.  The last time that I not only drive miles and miles away for gas but also take as long as possible to complete this errand only to return and find that they are either in my room, or have yet to get to it.  At 12:30pm.  If I were the comment card type, I’d need like eight cards, y’all.

∗ The last time I have to outright abuse our 10 gigs/line personal hotspot allotment because the WiFi in this horrid hole sucks actual ass.  Actually, even as I type this my post keeps trying to save but can’t, because despite the signal telling me it’s strong, it is in fact weaker than my ability to stick to the suggested serving size on a pack of Oreos.

IMG_0785.JPG∗ The last time that my trip to the gas station a few towns over is the highlight of my week.  Although, if I’m being honest, Cumberland Farms coffee is amazeballs and $1.00 so, that aspect will probably always be the highlight of my week forever and ever amen.  Especially after being deprived of it for three years out in Wisconsin.  But I mean, I probably won’t be taking anymore selfies of myself staring longly at it anymore.

∗ The last time that I binge watch One Tree Hill from start to fin— Bahaha.  Yeah right. There will never be a last time.

The list could go on and on and on… and on and on.  But I won’t put you through that.  All that matters is, WE OUT! ✌

I feel like Steven Avery after he was released from prison after being wrongfully accused 18 years earlier. 😂 🙏  (Clearly, OTH was not the only show I binge-watched during this first quarter of 2018.)

Happy Hump Day! 💖

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