moving monday

Happy Monday friends!  If that’s a thing…  Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Ours was spent cleaning! 😂 ☘

There has been a bit of radio silence here on the blog for the last few days!  We are finally in our new house and out of hotel hell!

We spent our first night here last night, and, while it was pretty sleepless, it was cool to finally be here!

The house has radiant heat.  Which is great as far as warmth.  Not so great as far as peace and quiet.  It’s pretty loud.  I know we will get used to the noise as time goes on, and once we are asleep, it’s not loud enough to wake us up, so that’s good news.  Adjustment phases!  But I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a moment or two last night that I was missing good ole Ramada Boston. 😂

In other news, the house wasn’t as creepy on night one as I thought it might have been.  It’s not creepy in itself at all really.  It just was built in 1933 and so my mind tend to go straight to “haunted.”  But, alas, it is not. 😅  More good news. 😂

We are still waiting on our furniture, since our pod was delayed by weather and other random frustrations… not sure how much I am willing to recommend them at this point.  But I’ll get back to you on that assuming they deliver it tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ll be out shoveling my postage stamp yard so that the pod can actually fit. 🤔


8 thoughts on “moving monday

  1. You guys look so happy and cosy together! I’m so glad you finally got there, and I hope the furniture arrives on time! I would totally assume it was “haunted” as well LOL!
    Best wishes to you and hope everything else goes to plan! ❤

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