Count me in.

I am pretty hard on millennials*.  The whole hipster thing doesn’t really flow with my overall vibe, and I am super quick to roll my eyes at the latest trends, because nowadays the simplest of things has the potential to go viral and become something much bigger than it really is.  Like sriracha.  I still don’t get that one.  Isn’t it just a fancy term for buffalo sauce? 😂🤷‍♀️

The most recent craze had me in a real mental pickle..

Avocado toast. 🥑



This fad that has swept the hipster nation and now made its way into trendy breakfast boutiques with all of the gluten free vegan almond coconut soy milk  waters had me between a rock and a hard place emotionally.  Because bread and avocado are two of my three favorite things (add in some chocolate chip cookies and you have yourself the hat trick to my heart), and because shrugging off “silly millennial pastimes” has become a sort of pastime of my own.

Basically, in my eyes, many millennials care too much about the small things, not enough about the big things, and that frustrates me so I have this tendency to knock their things before I try them.

Well, I am here today to announce to the world that

I am officially on board with avocado toast. 🥑

In an effort to eat a little bit better as we (hopefully) emerge from winter and begin the final descent into “beach body season,” I wanted to incorporate more superfoods and protein into my diet.  I buy avocados like they are going out of style, but unless I have a salad to put them in, I don’t often find myself just eating them like I would an apple.  I also haven’t been into deli meats as of late, thus the sandwich route is also no bueno, so I figured it was time to swallow my pride and give this little combo a try.

Yesterday was the day I popped my avocado toast cherry.

My 🥑 🍞 🍒, if you will.

I started out simple.  Just the bread, the avocado, and a sprinkle of Cavender’s, my favorite seasoning since back when I was a just a young nugget eating it out of the palm of my dad’s hand.  (True story.  I was a fiend.)

Not an ad. I am just super into having a window sill in my kitchen. 👩‍🍳

This savory little treat was not only delicious, it was also pretty filling.  And for the record, I am the person that eats a meal and then grazes on snacks until the next meal.  I just love to eat.  So if it fills me, it’s FILLING.

Today I wanted to step it up a notch on the protein side of things, so I added two hard boiled eggs, and of course, my tried and true, Cavender’s.

It’s bland yet flavorful. Heavy enough to fill you but is actually pretty damn good for you at the same time. Not to mention, if your avocado has reached that ten-second, blink-and-you-miss-it period of optimum ripeness, this little lunch is super quick and easy.

Unless the electric stove that came with your house sucks actual ass and takes eight minutes for the water to reach boiling point so you can cook your eggs for eight more minutes..  Gas stoves for life! 🤘💘

There are literally COUNTLESS recipes and avocado toast ideas on Pinterest and google alike, even ones where you start to incorporate meat and fish and all that good stuff.  But, as it is my nature to keep things realistic, let’s just also bear in mind that once you start adding meat, it kind of stops being toast and enters sandwich territory so… let’s try and keep in perspective what we are calling “toast” when it is clearly an open-faced turkey sandwich with avocado.  Okay?  Okay.  😂

* just for the record, I know I am technically a millennial as well, and that the term actually refers to people into their 30s, but I tend to use it to refer to the younger late teens-early 20s generation that is currently plaguing my existence and the customer service workforce 💁‍♀️

5 thoughts on “Count me in.

    1. Hahaha! I am the same way! I am super into avocados, and even I took a long time to come around because I was being so resistant haha. I can totally understand why people might not like avocados though! 🙂


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