rabbit holes

I have tripped down plenty of rabbit holes in my day.

Okay, by “plenty” I mean two.

As far as vices go, I seldom drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t even really indulge in caffeine anymore ever since turning 82 last July, so when I need an escape or a break, I choose one of two roads: TV or Reddit, and sometimes both like a true millennial.  Give me all of the technologies! 🤗

pretend those say TV & reddit. 😂

I’m one of those people that can get lost in TV.  It’s my own personal escape, and it’s the only thing that whisks me away faster and more effectively than books.  And, don’t get me wrong– books are amazing, and I love to read.  But they are quiet, and I am an involuntary member of the “I Have Developed Adult ADD Due To My Constant Bopping Back & Forth Between Social Media Icons On My Phone” club so, unless it makes noise, I can be and, sadly, probably will be distracted from it. 🙋🏻

However, even though I love soaking up a good TV show, nothing holds my undivided attention in the same way as Reddit.com.

I remember a few years ago, I didn’t know what Reddit was, and I thought it was just for people in the journalism industry, since the only person I knew who actively perused it was a journalist.  Either that or just another news website, and, let’s face it.  I get enough of that negative shit on Facebook and Twitter and any given day that I ride in the car with my dad whose radio is always tuned to some form of news.  Yawn.  Needless to say, I opt to drive most places.  Greatest Showman playlist or bust! 💃🏻

Baha.  I digress.

In actuality it’s kind of like a giant forum where people share all kinds of things in all kinds of little communities (subreddits) and I can personally guarantee you that no matter what you’re into, you will find something that strikes your fancy.



Anyone who knows me knows I have a weird appetite for creepy things that I later wish I hadn’t watched or read or listened to, as evidenced by my aversion to antique stores.  So the r/paranormal subreddit is always my first stop.

Want some horrible advice?  Be sure to read it at night in the dark when you’re by yourself.  You definitely won’t regret it at all, and it will be super easy to fall asleep. 😇

Pro Tip 💡 If you read or watch creepy things with your back up against a wall, it makes you feel more secure in that at least there can’t be anything behind you, even if it feels like there is. 😂



Another interest that I’m less open about is unsolved crimes– or any crime, really, just because when you watch that kind of thing, or want to watch it, sometimes you start to wonder if you’re the weirdo, and you don’t want other people to think that too. 😂  But no, I just find the whole process infinitely fascinating, and I just can’t understand how certain people’s brains function in either direction.  Whether it be how they could possibly commit such heinous acts, or how the investigators can sometimes piece together such minimal and fragmented information to solve cases.  The Investigation Discovery Channel is basically the default channel my TV lives on when I’m not watching Netflix.  So, of course the r/unsolved mysteries subreddit is usually my second stop on my trip down into oblivion, especially since the show sucks now and will never be as good as the Robert Stack days.

And don’t worry, reading about and watching this stuff doesn’t in any way make you paranoid about where you live nor wonder if random people you encounter are potential serial killers. 👍

Social Skills


Do you ever feel socially awkward or weird, or have to silently remind yourself to “be normal” before social situations?  Well, r/socialskills is the place for you.  Whether it be to bask in the comfort of knowing that other people are just like you, or to feel better about your own social anxiety (we all have it in some form, don’t worry) because after reading certain people’s testimonies, you learn you have nothing to worry about by comparison, it’s just always nice to find out we aren’t as bad off as we think we are.

Relationships & Family


If you were raised by weirdos, have some crazy inlaws, don’t like who your sister married, etc?  Post it in r/family, read about others’, talk it out and think “thank God that’s not my family” or “well I guess it could be worse…” 😂

And so many more!  There are funny subreddits, dad jokes, gifs, customer horror stories, customer service horror stories (holla!) …. you want to read about it, you can find it on reddit.  It may not be for everyone, but I personally have always loved forums and have met a lot of people that I still connect with today all because of stuff like this.  And I figure if you’re reading blogs, you will probably be into this too, so if you’re bored, it’s definitely something worth checking out!

Just don’t lose track of time like I do and then find yourself scrambling to make dinner 20 minutes before you have to leave to pick up your husband because you’ve been knee-deep in someone’s story about how their cousin’s girlfriend’s best friend has been acting weird and they aren’t sure how to handle it. #gossip 💁🏻

2 thoughts on “rabbit holes

    1. Unfortunately I am! Hahaha! I feel ya! 😂 Once there is an option to have the posts read to you, I’m pretty sure I’ll never emerge again. Bahah


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