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Happy 4/20!  My lunch consisted of cheese puffs and a fudge stripe, and I don’t even smoke weed. 💁🏻

In all seriousness though, happy Friday!

Do you ever feel like the individual days drag, but the weeks and months overall seems to have flown by?  That’s how it feels over here in the Undomestic house lately.  Each individual day tends to dribble by as slow as molasses, but when I think back, it feels like April just started, and yet we are ten days from May.

Cue some of JT’s best work.



Thankfully, we’ve all made it to the weekly miracle that is Fri-Fri!  This Friday in particular is one Anthony and I have been looking forward to since forever.

Okay, we’ve been looking forward to it since Sunday when we planned it.

Long story short: my cousin is coming up and we are going to have some drinks and hang out.

Short story long: When you’re me and don’t get periods regularly, you don’t drink, like, ever.  Because you never know if you’re inadvertently drinking for two.  Because of this I also have gone almost total decaf.  But, lucky for me, good ole Auntie Flo finally showed her face earlier this month, so I plan to be hopped up on both beverages later this evening for the first time in forever.

Well, that’s a lie. I’ve been hopping myself up on caffeine every so often for the last two weeks, on and off to avoid the withdrawal headaches I get as a legit caffeine addict.  But as far as alcohol?  I don’t think I’ve had a single drink since way back before Christmas.  So, trust me when I tell you, one glass of Prosecco will surely do the trick for all 5′ of me.  However I do intend to drink about half the bottle.

Gotta take advantage of these fleeting moments of “I know for sure I’m not pregnant. 🍻”

Just kidding.  In actuality, my goal of having a podcast may or may not come true this very evening, so in order to loosen things up a bit, I’ll be sipping on some sweet bubbly while Anthony finally takes a minute to defect from his hectic job with his friends Bloody and Mary.


So far the plan is to get a little less sober, hit record and see where conversation goes.  My cousin has a bunch of sound equipment for his music, so he’s bringing up his microphone to finally breathe life into an eight-year joke we’ve had about starting a podcast called Friday Night Vapors.  Which just comes from one random night we were hanging out in our friends’ hot tub and shooting the shit about family memories and such.  We jokingly said we should have a radio show called Friday Night Vapors where you sit in a hot tub and chat.

Rest assured back then neither of us realized the alternative definition of having “the vapors” meant having gas. 😶

Are you into podcasts?  They are one of my guilty pleasures and my favorite way to pass time on long car rides, and also treadmills where they help distract me from wishing for death.  I can’t promise anything interesting will come from this attempt, but my friend Laura and I have more seriously considered having a cross-country (she’s in the midwest and I’m in New England) podcast, and so you may be seeing something of the sort pop up around these parts some day!


In the meantime, what are your favorite kinds of podcasts to listen to?  Would you give ours a shot?  I can tell you literally nothing about it since I don’t even know yet, but I like to assume it will be good. 😂

Any fun Friday plans for you guys?  I heard a rumor that this weekend will finally be creeping into the 50s!  On APRIL 21. 😳🙃🙄

6 thoughts on “prosecco & podcasts

    1. Aww thank you!! This comment made me so happy and relieved haha, I always hesitate before hitting “publish” because I am afraid I sound so annoying lol. Thank you for making me feel better about it! 🙂 Have a great weekend yourself! Personally I’d rather be renting out your cottage for a night or two! It looks so great!

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    1. They are so great! Lore is one of my favorites! I listen to him when I am doing dishes or shoveling April lol. Aw thanks! Hahah hopefully we can get it rolling sometime soon, and it doesn’t disappoint! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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