writer’s block & haunted condos

Another rainy Wednesday of writer’s block means another trip to reddit.com to try and stir up some inspiration.

As a lurker, I do a lot of reading but not a lot of posting.  Mainly because stories about my own life never seem worthy of posting for people.  Says the girl with a blog…?

But I was poking around the paranormal forum and it reminded me of a time when I went on vacation with Anthony’s family and stayed in a condo that we are 88% sure was haunted. 😂

The year was 2012. 👻

Anthony and I had been dating about seven months when he invited me on his family’s vacation to Florida.  We were going to be staying in a condo on the beach that his uncle had, and it was going to be a week off from my then job at a drama-ridden bar, so you could say I was excited AF. 💁🏻

When we arrived, we were walking through the condo picking out where to sleep.  After looking through the back bedroom, we headed into the middle one.  I don’t know what the feeling was, but I just knew that I did not want to sleep in there.  I hadn’t been too fond of the back bedroom either, so I opted to forfeit a bed and sleep on the couch, like a true gracious guest.  (Who just happened to be wicked creeped out by the bedrooms… 😉)


So a day or two goes by and all is well minus the minor creep factor where I would feel a tiny bit on edge when I’d be in the bathroom, which was at the very end of the condo (it was longer than it was wide) down near the creepy bed rooms.

But one morning Anthony’s brother was telling us about a dream he had where he had to perform an exorcism on his dad and that it was a really creepy dream bordering on nightmare.  This wouldn’t have been that weird if Anthony’s dad hadn’t come into the kitchen for the first time later on that morning and randomly told us about a dream he had had that same night.

He dreamt that he was down in this hellish basementy place with scary music playing.  This description instantly had me thinking of the ending of the first Insidious movie, but I didn’t say anything about it.  He went on to say he felt like he was possessed in the dream and that he needed an exorcism.  The dream was so vivid that Anthony’s mom woke up to hearing him saying “help me..” in his sleep.

Um, wut? 😳

We went on with the day and at one point we were all down on the beach in the water.  I don’t remember what we were talking about at the time, but seemingly out of nowhere, (it could have been relevant to a conversation that I wasn’t hearing, but I don’t know) his dad started singing “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim.  For those who don’t dabble with the horror movie genre, in the first Insidious movie, that song was also playing during the aforementioned scene that the dream reminded me of.


At that, I stopped in my tracks and whipped my head around to look at him just because I was so shocked that two Insidious “references” had popped up in one day.  I laugh now, but at the time I was sufficiently spooked, haha.

Everyone agreed that this was a weird phenomenon, especially since his dad had never seen that movie.  So that’s basically all it took for me to conclude the condo was haunted, but more specifically, the middle bedroom that I wanted nothing to do with. 😂

That night was a weird one.  We can kind of took this “haunting” theory and ran with it.  Anthony’s younger sister had that iOvilus app on her phone, and we were poking around the condo trying to find more evidence to support our claim.  The app ended up saying my name, and I think Anthony’s mom’s name.  Personally I’ve never put a lot of stock into apps like that, and I shrugged it off as just regurgitating words it already heard us using.  But regardless, no one was super eager to go to bed that night.

Anthony’s sister slept on the floor in the living where I was on the couch and Anthony was on his cot, and his brother actually slept outside on the balcony.  Anthony slept just fine, but I won’t lie, I barely slept at all, because not only did I have that f***ing Tiny Tim song stuck in my head, the condo just felt weird.  The only way I can describe this feeling is “static”… I’ve felt it before in other places that have creeped me out.  The air feels so thick and heaving and static, whatever that means.  But either way, it kept me from falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning.  I think his sister slept kind of shitty too, but she was on the floor on couch cushions, so, that could be a perfectly logical explanation for that insomnia. 🤔

His brother on the balcony said he was sleeping okay until the early morning when he said he saw some guy walk out onto the boardwalk, stop, look in his direction and make a strange noise.  IDKWTF.


As the trip went on, we kind of started joking about it and did things like pull chairs out for the “entity” at the table while we played Monopoly, and being less creeped out, more entertained.  But we really only had a day or two left at that point anyway.

After we left, Anthony’s aunt went back and smudged the place, and I think they are currently renting it out to someone living there, so hopefully whatever may have been there is gone now. 😂

Um, another reason why I don’t post these things to reddit may be because I blather on for hours while telling a story that legit takes like, five minutes. 😂✌️

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