file those grievances

Dear People Who Choose Electric Over Gas,

I don’t know how you do it.  How you walk into that kitchen excited to make dinner knowing full well what lies ahead of you.  The just short of a half hour of preheating for the oven temperature to finally climb to 400ºF.  The copious handfuls of minutes involved with simply getting the water to boil, let alone cooking with said water.  Seriously.  I just boiled water for ten minutes just trying to make RAMEN.  R A M E N.  It’s not even a real meal!  I waited three times longer for it to boil than it took to cook the entire thing AND start eating it.  Granted, yes, I do start eating it immediately, before it even reaches a bowl, so maybe this particular detail is irrelevant, but still.  You guys are saints.  And having even a sliver of your patience would surely help to correct my ever-worsening case of RBF.

Probably Still Waiting For Something To Preheat,


I legit don’t even care if they look nicer. I just want my food.

Dear People Who Park Their Cars on the Road & Then Proceed to Dig Around via the Driver’s Side Doors,

Please don’t feel targeted since I also asked this on Twitter last night, but, why?  W H Y DO YOU DO THIS?  When I park on the road I don’t even like having to slither out of my seat to get to the sidewalk.  Based on the way I walk, you’d think I was slinking along the edge of tall building.  In all honesty I’ve actually considered climbing over to the passenger seat, sometimes.  And in earlier years, I have actually done this back when my center console was smaller and less complicated.  Yet, somehow there are humans in the world who are not only comfortable with, but legit give no shits about having their doors WIDE open into traffic, ass hanging out, rummaging around their backseat for God knows what.  Just keep it on your passenger seat, and try and grab it while you’re wrangling a several ton vehicle like the rest of us.

Sorry That I’m Not Sorry I Almost Hit You,


p.s. if you do this, I don’t hate you.  I legit just have road rage towards the person who got in my way on the way to the train last night. 💁🏻

I also don’t endorse using a car as a weapon. Most days. 😜

Dear Playstation Vue,

Thank you for providing us with some ghetto-fab cable streaming for the better part of two years.  Sadly we had to part ways last Friday because, you, like all other affordable things, got greedy and started to charge way more once more people jumped on the bandwagon.  Now I can no longer watch the Investigation Discovery Channel, and this annoys me.  So I will no longer be pimping you out as a more affordable cable provider.  Until Schitt’s Creek comes back for it’s fifth season next year, that is, and I come crawling back.

Your fair weather friend,



If you could write an angry letter to anyone, who would it be and why? 😂

18 thoughts on “file those grievances

    1. My husband keeps pushing for an induction! I didn’t know what they were until recently. I’ve heard great things! 🙂


  1. I grew up using an electric kitchen so for me using gas has always been a very scary experience. I am always scared of a sudden gas explosion or something catching fire! Btw next time you do ramen use the waterboiler while the stove is heating.

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    1. Gas used to freak me out, too. I must have just gotten used to it! Now it feels weird not to have it! :).

      There is a water boiler??


  2. I agree with you about the length of time electric stoves take but I’m so scared of using gas . . . I’m afraid of burning my house down haha. Currently my anger is directed towards people who walk four wide on the sidewalk, ugh!

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    1. I used to be afraid of that too!! It’s not so bad once you have it though :). I’m so used to gas and it being obvious when the stove is on, that I’m actually afraid that I’ll forget and accidentally leave my electric stove on when I’m done!

      Also, SO AGREE about the walkers!! I’m even more annoyed when people do that on the road too! Single file when cars are coming!


  3. My stepdad thought he’d surprise us with a new oven and it was electric! I basically cried over our hob aha Although I do prefer fan oven for baking

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    1. Hahaha aww, well that was so nice of him! Hey, despite my whining, I would happily take a free electric over a gas that I have to pay for hehe.. well I say that. We will see where I stand when I’m waiting 25 minutes for the oven to preheat. But maybe it’s just mine!

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  4. Very funny post. Sometimes all we need is a good laugh. Sorry Playstation Vue isn’t working out for you anymore. It’s definitely not perfect, but much better than cable!

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    1. Oh gosh WAY better than cable, with the unlimited DVR and all that! The only issue we had was the price suddenly jumping which felt like too much for the one or two channels we were watching. But we will be back when our shows come back on in the new seasons. Hopefully the price won’t have climbed again haha 🙂


  5. Well, that was entertaining Sam. I use an induction stove myself. Boils my water up real good. Angry letter suggestion. Nescafe(and their ilk) They keep reducing the size of their jars but keep the price the same. No conscious some companies.

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    1. My husband said those are amazing! We were looking into those in case our house couldn’t run gas (we ended up finding a gas line though). Ooh my gosh Nescafé is officially on my list! I can’t stand inflation.. so ridiculous. It’s like they think we won’t notice.

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      1. I even wrote Nescafe about it and their response was “the price of coffee worldwide has risen.” I emailed them back the commodities chart for coffee from the Mercantile Exchange. Coffee prices have actually dropped the past 10 years. So not only did they hose us but then the tried to bullshit an answer. More recently, the changed the look of their Espresso jar, slapped a new label on it and now sell it for $7 instead of $5. I like the coffee but the company themselves are complete dicks.

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        1. OMG. Good for you!! What a load of crap! And it sucks when the product is really good but you feel bad buying it because of how the company acts and treats its customers.


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