VOTE: how should we renovate our house??

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday & belated Mother’s Day!

Over the weekend between laundry day and mom day, Anthony & I went live on Facebook to give everyone a tour of our house & what we plan to do to it in the hopes that viewers could tell us what they value in a home to sort of help us prioritize our budget.

I put up a poll on my Instagram story too, but I wanted to extend it to you all as well!  It’s my life goal right now to get this as far as possible, haha.  I want the whole world voting on our renovation!  Muahaha.

Anywho, if you don’t have time to watch the video or can’t stand the sound of my man voice, I just have a quick poll for you to take if you have a second!

The choices are between a high end kitchen and a moderately renovated kitchen, but the moderately renovated kitchen comes with the leftover budget to add a master bathroom to our 4-bedroom home that currently only has one full bathroom.

High End Kitchen includes… tiling the hardwood floors, relocating the basement door to the opposite side of the wall to allow for a full run/corner of counter and cabinets, and revamping the butler pantry to match the kitchen. We would not be adding a master bath nor relocating laundry as the budget would be pretty eaten up by the kitchen.


Moderate Kitchen & master bath includes… refinishing the existing hardwood floors in the kitchen, NOT relocating the basement door and just updating with the space we already have.  The pantry would be updated and refurbished but not completely redone to match the kitchen.  In our master bedroom we would add a decent sized master bath with double sinks and shower, AND with all the plumbing work we’d be able to easily relocate the laundry from the basement to the second floor.

I think the “more bang for your buck” moderately renovated kitchen (still awesome, just nice on a budget) and adding the master bath option is the way to go, personally.  You’re getting so much more for your money, and you also won’t have to

So then why are we having a vote, you ask?  Well, because we are not everyone, and we would also like to be able to sell this puppy down the road so we want to know what you value more in a house!  A killer kitchen and one full and slightly updated bathroom, OR a nice kitchen with an added master bath and upstairs laundry?

Please tell us what you think!  And be sure to check back for updates as we go along!  We’re having so much fun getting everyone’s opinions, and it’s really neat having so many people involved in the process! 🏚🔧🔨

20 thoughts on “VOTE: how should we renovate our house??

  1. Wow, these sketches look so promising! I would probably go for moderate kitchen though. Its kinder on your budget but will still look splendid!


  2. This was hard but I chose the moderately renovated kitchen with the new bath. Having only one bathroom in a house is annoying at times. Especially when you have guests. Also, you’re probably getting more for your money by going his route.


    1. I completely agree!! Still getting a kitchen upgrade AND a master bath definitely sounds much better than just a kitchen! 🙂


    1. I know!! We don’t love hardwood in the kitchen but at the same time, it does feel so wrong to cover over it. I’m hoping to take the bathroom route so we can just refinish it instead! Thank you for voting!! 😀


  3. Disclaimer: I live in a 1940’s unremodeled Cape with no dishwasher, vinyl flooring and stained Formica count tops.
    If you have but 1 bathroom do whatever you have to do to get another.
    In my opinion a super high end kitchen won’t sell a house if the rest is untouched.
    I’d go with the most things you can do for the money.
    When you’re done come coordinate a remodel for me. The most recent contractor told us to move out for 6 months and he’ll gut and remodel the whole house for $300,000. Yeah, I never called him back.
    Good luck!!

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    1. LOL um, or you could also move out and buy a new house for that money, but thanks guy! Wow. We are about $270k under that budget hahaha. Sheesh!

      Yes! That’s how I feel too! Good to know it seems to be the majority too. We are looking to sell the house once we are done, so we wanted as much feedback about what the consumer wants as possible. And I totally agree, a beautiful kitchen is great but, if it doesn’t fit with the rest of it, what’s the point? We have a number of smaller updates also planned, but we just wanted to know which way to go with the majority of the budget. I was shocked to know there are quite a few people who pushed for the kitchen. On the Facebook poll we are at 30 votes Kitchen to 32 votes Bathroom… definitely not what I expected!

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