good luck, chuck.

Happy Monday, folks!  It’s nice to see some sun after such a dreary, albeit warm weekend!

I come to you today with a well-supported theory that my in-laws have an inconvenient truth attached to their traveling:

If they are heading to or from Connecticut, one or more of their flights will be delayed and/or canceled, resulting in what should be a quick flight to or from turning into an incredibly annoying and inconvenient praaaahh-sesss..

I used to kind of brush this off as random bad luck until this last, most recent trip was no different.  But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

July, 2012

My first trip with them to Florida.  I was nervous about flying since I hadn’t done it for years before that.  We were seated on the plane, everything going as planned until takeoff time comes and goes.  And so does another 45 min or so.  By the time we are an hour delayed, they let everyone off while they figured out whatever they had to figure out (as a nervous flier this definitely didn’t stress me out or anything 👀).  We went to McDonald’s to eat breakfast and kill time, and then suddenly we hear our names being called over a loudspeaker.  I guess the plane was suddenly ready to go and we were the only ones not on it, and missing the calls over the speaker.  So we proceed to run Home Alone style through the airport and just barely make it after the “final call.”  Sheesh.  A minor inconvenience and delay, but hey, everything starts small.


July 2014

Second Florida trip with my future in-laws.  The to trip was just fine.  On time, quick and easy.  However ten days later when we returned home, we drove two hours to the airport just to receive text messages that our flight was delayed for three hours.  Figuring it was enough time to eat, we went to Denny’s.  Just after we were seated, we get a text that the flight was back on schedule… what?? Can they even do that??  So we take off without ordering and speed to the airport because at this point we were almost running late.  Once we got through security we find out that the flight is in fact still delayed, and this time delayed further.  It went from like, a noon flight to seven pm.  So we sat and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited to hear that it was delayed even further.  We would be getting home around 2am.  Two hours before I had to open at Starbucks.  Not to mention we had seen something on Twitter that was irrationally freaking us and our tired brains out about flying.  So that was fun.  Luckily we finally made it back in one piece and someone switched shifts with me for the next day.


March 2014

Anthony’s mom and brother came to visit us in Wisconsin.  It was spring break and the line for security was so long (despite getting there wicked early) they missed their flight, and thus the first day of their already pretty short trip.

July 2017

Anthony’s parents & two of his siblings came to visit us in Wisconsin.  Their layover on the return trip was for whatever reason in Atlanta and of course delayed AF.  As in they were supposed to get in around 10pm, and instead didn’t take off until after midnight.

January 2018

My in-laws had gone down to Florida for work and to escape the cold a bit.

They got there easily, but it had snowed while they were there and made for some drama with the return trip.  Their layover in Atlanta resulted in a canceled flight back to Connecticut where they then had the option to rebook and get back at 2am in Boston or wait it out at a hotel.  They considered a hotel until literally all of them were booked solid due to the crazy amount of cancellations that night after that single snowflake fell in Georgia.

Cut to them rebooking to Boston.  This flight was also delayed.  So instead of originally getting home around 11pm, and then 2am, they ended up getting in AT 5AM.  After flying to Boston and renting a car to drive back to CT.  This was during our stint in the Boston hotel and we were inches away from putting them up in our room.



March 2018

TO Florida: My MIL & FIL had a flight booked to Florida.  They show up, wait for security, flight is delayed to oblivion so they had to call someone to pick them up from the airport and then later go back and through security all over again that night whenever the flight was rescheduled.

FROM Florida: Their return flight was delayed like three hours, getting them home at 2am instead of 11pm.

May 2018, last week.

Naturally, their most recent trip to Florida was no different.  Cliff notes: their flight was scheduled for last Tuesday night.  About three hours before the flight, Connecticut and half of New England experienced a very out-of-character storm, complete with a freaking tornado.  Wtf?  As per usual, their flight was delayed three times and they finally decided to rebook for early Wednesday AM for his mom and siblings, and Thursday AM for his dad on Anthony’s actual flight, as there was weather associated drama with his work that he had to tend to on Wednesday.

Now I’m not implying that it’s their fault the storm hit but…. 😂

Cut to Wednesday night, we are already receiving text alerts that their 6AM Thursday flight would be delayed by 50 minutes due to “operations,” whatever that means.  Anthony basically knew at that point that they’d be missing their connection, as the layover was about 57 minutes.  For what felt like the first time in my life, I chose to think positively, and hoped that they would take off early and be able to make it in the nick of time.

Spoiler alert: they didn’t.

Not only did they miss their layover, but the next flight to Tampa was NINE HOURS AWAY.  Luckily they were able to rebook with another airline for a flight two hours out and that one was only delayed by 45 min. 🙄  All in all, they got there at around 3:15pm instead of 10:30am.



We are going to Florida in July.  Anyone want to start placing bets how long it will take us to get there?  Although we think it’s limited to traveling with his family.

This is undoubtedly to be continued…

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