long overdue updates

Happy Monday, blogosphere! Sheesh, it has been a solid… at least two weeks since I updated this dusty biotch.

Is that a drug reference?  According to Urban Dictionary it’s not, but according to something Anthony’s cousin once said, “dusty” seemed as though it were in reference to crack so… your guess is as good as mine.  Regardless, I meant it as this ole blog has been collecting dust.  Nice, innocent drug-free dust. 😂

How was everyone’s weekend?  The weather seemed all over the place, all over the place.  Over here in New England it was anywhere from 81° to 69° but I noticed out in Wisconsin (yes, I still check their weather *sniff*) it seemed to be in the mid-high 60s?  But who knows how accurate any of that is.  Either way, wherever you were, I hope you at least saw a little bit of sun and felt a little bit of humidity since it is almost mid-June after all.  I truly believe we will see summer, eventually. 🙏

Update # 1

Speaking of summer, we have officially booked our trip to Florida.  Trust me when I tell you, we cannot wait.  We haven’t been able to take a breath since Anthony got his job offer in November 2017, and we haven’t been on a vacation technically since April of last year (quick weekend in Florida) and we haven’t been on a “real” one that lasted more than 4 days and didn’t include a trip to Connecticut since July of 2014.  With Anthony’s job sucking the life out of everyone who has to hear about it sucking the life out of Anthony, this upcoming break will absolutely have me crossing days off the calendar for the next month and a half.  Even if some additional baggage is joining us on this little trip, I’m finally feeling less dramatic about it (ahem. I may have had a small adult tantrum once it was confirmed) and I’m determined to ignore it and enjoy the trip anyway.  Like the bigger person.  Ha.  Just kidding.  The bigger person probably wouldn’t have had an issue in the first place. 💃🏻

Also, don’t worry, we are traveling separate from his family, so we hopefully will not be encountering any airline drama.  Knock on wood.  I don’t think it’s hereditary. 😂

Florida 2014, aka the last “real,” carefree vacation we took. Ah, babies.  2018 Sam laughs at 2014 Sam.

Update # 2

Remember that time I played armchair detective and spied on some unneighborly people poking around my neighborly neighbor’s yard?  Well, as it turns out, their story was legit, and he was a former resident of the house.  While I’m relieved, I’d also be lying if I said I hadn’t been waiting for a smidge more climactic conclusion.  Ha.  Just kidding.  I’ll stick to the ID Channel for that fix. 🤓

Update # 3

A few weeks back Anthony and I made a little video tour of our house with our planned renovations and had everyone vote.  Despite the fact that we set the poll to end a month from now, I’m pretty sure everyone is done voting by now 😂.  So with a grand total of 90 votes between Facebook, Instagram and the bloggity blog, I’m so excited and relieved to announce that the winner is….

Moderately renovated kitchen & brand new master bath!!!

After we made the video, I’m going to be honest, we were both so hoping for everyone to vote the bathroom, ha!  Which begs the question, why didn’t we just decide to do that and forgo the voting process?  I don’t know, we thought it would be fun to give any interested viewers a chance to have a say in what we were doing.  Not to mention it was definitely great hearing what consumers thought, since our end goal is to sell, and we want to give the people what they want!  Adding the bathroom felt most cost-effective, and I’m so glad we didn’t even have to rig the thing!  Hehe.  Just kidding.  We wouldn’t have done that.  If the kitchen had won, we certainly would have saved quite a bit of money by not adding the bathroom too.  So, it seemed to be a win-win anyway.  Thank you so much for voting though, and stay tuned if you’re interested in more choices we are going to offer once we get started! 😄

Update # 4

Last but not least, arguably the most exciting bit for me personally, Anthony gave his two weeks notice at his job!  The whole proceeding forward without a job lined up thing is scary.  It’s scary to not have a consistent paycheck rolling in.  But at the end of the day, having a job that literally sucks the life right out of you and probably puts you at risk medically is way scarier emotionally and financially than a month or two without a paycheck.

The reason side of me is nervous.  But the faith side of me thinks this could not have come at a better time.  We have always wanted to go into business together in the real estate vein.  We have this amazing project we are about to take on, and who knows if it could lead to the career path we have always hoped for.  I know this leap would never have been taken otherwise, and so, maybe this shitty job was a blessing in disguise… Wish us luck!

How have you all been?  Any fun upcoming plans for the summer?

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