is it really a competition if the other person has no idea?


You know that euphoric feeling you experience after a good trip to Costco?


… Just me?

Well, go to Costco.  You’ll see what I mean.  So much.  For so little.  And if you don’t, maybe you’re not ready for what Costco has ready for you. 😜

Anywho, I don’t know, I just woke up in a great mood this week.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that my husband is 4.5 short business days from freedom, or that the weather is finally climbing into the 70s and 80s full time as we approach July?  Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped poisoning myself with quite so much sugar, or possibly even because I’ve been binging Pretty Little Liars for the last three weeks.


Lol that’s not why.  I don’t even know why I mentioned that aside from highlighting just how dull my last three weeks have been, and wanting to use this GIF. 🤗

do however think it’s a combo of the other three things though.  First and foremost, Anthony’s job, believe it or not, somehow had a huge impact on my mood and stress level.  So knowing that it’s coming to an end has just made me so much happier and more motivated.  Yes, motivated.  Even if I’ve already admitted to the better part of the last three weeks being spent on the couch with PLL and knitting.  But it’s an “in limbo” kind of motivation. 😂  Shh.


In all seriousness though, I have finally started taking this “summer bod” thing seriously.  Which has included going for multiple walks per day, working out at home, and doing this one thing I never really tried before: not eating so much garbage.

giphy3I know, right? Who knew?

The mature adult part of me wants to say that I’m just trying to get healthier just because I’m not 12 anymore, and since we want to have kids soon, it would be cool to go into that whole process at a goal weight and optimum health.

While that is true, the immature high schooler in me is going to Florida in a month and a half and someone I currently don’t like is going and it’s literally become my goal to look better.  Feel free to unfollow.  I wish I could. 😂

I’m competitive by nature and in order for me to accomplish anything, it has to in some way involve beating something.  Want me to clean?  Time me.  So embarrassingly enough, I’m competing with this girl whom I’ve met one time and has no idea.  But hey, whatever works, right?

So while it may sound super petty and immature and lame and, and and…etc. it’s definitely doing the trick.  Who would’ve thought all this time I just needed someone to crash my vacation.  When life gives you lemons, right?


Okay full disclosure I also bought a new bathing suit and dress for the trip.  There are a lot of different avenues of motivation with this whole Operation: Florida Bod.

Happy Monday!  What helps you get your butt in gear for summer?  Please tell me your motivation is just as immature. 😬

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