real talk tuesday: the rules of the road

I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but the US has a tendency to worry too much about the rights of some, and not enough about the rights of others.  And when people have too many freedoms, and not enough rules, they start to become entitled.

Stay with me, that’s as “political” as it gets.  Scouts honor. ✌️

I tend to liken these instances to a rubber band.  Any extra slack or stretch that’s given is really hard to take back.  Eventually enough slack is given that the rubber band breaks, and it’s virtually impossible to reel anything back in.

I’m shooting today’s particularly stretchy rubber band at pedestrians.  Or, well, I suppose anyone who isn’t a car.  But mostly pedestrians.

The roads are, first and foremost, meant for vehicles.  Several ton machines that, according to Newton, can’t just stop on a dime when an entitled human with tunnel vision needs to get from point A to point B and thus decides to just do it without looking both ways because, “oh, the car will stop.” 🖐

This has actually happened, at least to me, twice in the last week, and countless times over the last few months in Massachusetts.  I wonder if my tires will have any tread left by the time we move out of this state. 🤔

This is me driving. Except instead of just making noise I’m shouting profanities and threats. 💃🏻

The only reason I can assume pedestrians even considered walking out in front of a moving car in the first place is because society loosely gives them permission.  By posting signs saying us drivers must “yield to pedestrians in crosswalk” but failing to clarify exactly what that meant.

Do I agree that you can’t mow down a pedestrian in a crosswalk?  Duh.

I mean, full disclosure sometimes they walk like actual zombies so I don’t always recognize the harm in giving them a loving nudge with my just kidding.  😬  They do walk like sloths.  But I would never actually hit them I don’t think.

(I’m totally kidding, stay calm everyone.)

But, do I also strongly agree that roads are for cars?  Yeppers I do.  Much like the woods are for bears.  And the oceans are for sharks.  People can’t just walk wherever they want without any rules or respect for the domain and then act outraged and shocked and blame the driver or the bear or the shark when an accident happens.

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Yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk when they have a WALK symbol, or if they are at the tail-end of a WALK signal?  Fine!  Or even if there was zero traffic when they decided to cross and you have to a slow down a bit to let them complete their crossing?  Sounds great to me, we’ve all done it.  These are all well and good, and a handful of completely reasonable expectations.

However, certain people, somewhere along the line, translated “yield to pedestrians in crosswalk” to mean “I decide when I walk, whether or not it’s safe because it’s everyone else’s job to ‘yield’ to me.”  Based on such a careless interpretation, my money says they didn’t even know what the word “yield” meant until it somehow allowed them to catapult themselves into traffic “because I need to be there so I’m going to go there and you’re going to wait for me because yes.” 😳

So to the people who think that just because your foot is on a crosswalk you can waltz out into traffic and force drivers to slam on their breaks while you proceed to meander across the street at a snail’s pace?  You are not the only people in the world, and one day you’re going to make that mistake in front of the wrong car with the wrong brakes and that poor driver is going to go down for your idiocy because it happened to take place in a crosswalk.  Not to mention your own life is at stake but, based on your awareness, I’m guessing you probably text and drive too, so I doubt it’s very much a priority for you anyway.


So please, for the sake of my faith in humanity and any generation including and beneath my own or, oh, your own life, pull your heads out of your entitled asses, and stop putting your own safety in a stranger’s hands. Girl, shit.  

Also, for thoroughness’ sake, I googled a few pedestrian laws, and according to the state of Massachusetts:

Pedestrians may not suddenly leave the curb and enter a crosswalk into the path of a moving vehicle that is so close the vehicle is unable to yield.

So they are basically breaking the law and if you see something, say something. 😂

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose blood boils over this?

What makes your blood boil?  It probably makes mine boil too.  I’m always looking for more RTT topics… hit me with ’em!

7 thoughts on “real talk tuesday: the rules of the road

  1. This makes me very thankful that I don’t encounter more pedestrians on my daily commute! As far as blood-boil inducing for me…chewing noises. I know its petty and not nearly as dangerous as careless pedestrians but still annoying 🙂

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    1. They are so careless!

      Oh gosh, I feel you on this one! My brother-in-law HATES this also! I think it’s so rude of people to chew with their mouths open and gnaw on their food!

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  2. Were you driving by my local subway stop? There are two crosswalks about 20 feet apart and wouldn’t you know people cross in the space between the crosswalks! I’ve also seen people step into the crosswalk in front of a moving bus. That thing needs half a block to stop!! People should remember Safety First!

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    1. If you saw an angry black SUV, it was probably me. Yesterday morning’s incident was by the train station too!

      Oh gosh I can’t even imagine being a bus driver in this area. So stressful.

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