class of 2018

Happy Fri-yay!

Congratulations to all the 2018 seniors who walked the stages this week!  Can you believe that three days ago it was TEN YEARS SINCE I GRADUATED?!

Sign me up for that AARP card, please.

Especially since I just received word that our 10-year reunion is going to be held at a local bar and grill that my dad and uncle and their friends hang out at so… it’s basically an old folk’s home. 👵🏻

Anywho, in honor of my rapid aging and those who graduated this fine June weekend, I saw this little ditty on Facebook and thought I’d take a crack at it.  Feel free to join in!

Class of 2008

Did you know your current partner? Nope, not yet.  My cousin was still hiding him from me at the time.. heh.  Kidding.  I hope.

Make of the car you drove 2001 Ford Escort named Carl.

What job did you have?  I was a bus girl at a hotel restaurant.

Were you a party animal in high school? LOL no. I was a rule follower goodie goodie.😂

Were you popular?  Not popular but not like, specifically “unpopular” either.  I always considered myself about average.

Were you in choir or school band?  Yes!  I played the flute all four years and managed to weasel my way out of football games for every single one of ’em. 😬

Ever get suspended from school?  No sir-ee Bob.

If you could go back, would you?  When I watch shows like One Tree Hill I always yearn to go back to the high school years.  But in reality when I remember that I actually hated school K-12, no, no I would not.  But then again now that I’m pushing 30 I’d love to be 18 again so… if I had to choose youth or never having to be a student again..?  I honestly couldn’t tell you. 😂

Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with?  Not really.  We are still friends on FB but we haven’t really talked in years.

Did you skip school?  Sometimes I’d be “sick” but my parents excused me from school.  And I did on Senior Skip Day the Monday after prom, but I mean, everyone did so I don’t think it really counts. I was literally the most boring student.

Go to all the football games?  I went to one I think and it was boring.  Plus it cost money that I’d rather spend on a movie with my friends.  I did go to the hockey games though.  Hockey was way more exciting than football to me.

What was your favorite class?  Native American Studies.  It was an elective I got to take senior year.  The class was so interesting and the teacher was hilarious.  I’ve realized not much has changed as far as my interests considering how often I find myself at the Mohegan Reservation each weekend. 🎰

Do you still have your yearbooks?  Yep, and I get all nostalgic and look at them every year around back to school time.

Did you follow the career path you imagined for yourself?  I’m not sure what I planned on doing when I was 18, but I did want to be married by the time the ten-year rolled around so… lets say yes?  Especially if I planned on doing nothing, which is my current occupation. 🤔😂

Congratulations to all the 2018 grads! 🎓

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