I’m still alive!

I’m here to give the Bad Blogger award to…. myself! 🍾

Phew! Β It has been a while since I’ve popped in around here! Β As you know, my husband left his job a couple weeks ago and we have jumped in full steam ahead on renovating our house! Β Which means, not much free time for the blogosphere! Β But I’m hoping to stop back in more regularly in the coming days, especially since I have a pretty exciting giveaway coming up that I hope you will all LOVE.

I have some small home updates coming up, and of course some real talk Tuesday qualms to address tomorrow. Β No time for blogging, but always time for bitching? … that’s my motto. Β Hehe, just kidding. πŸ˜‚

Hope you all had a great holiday week/weekend! The weather was SO MUCH BETTER than predicted!Β  I hope that was the case for all of the US!

what is summer without candy cigarettes? I don’t even want to know..


Anywho, just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I did not in fact die in the awful heat and humidity of the last week or so. Β It was a close one, but we made it! Β Hehe.

Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs!

Happy Monday!! πŸ’



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