real talk tuesday

This week’s real talk is going to be a little different.

Instead of ragging on some company or practice or character trait, I’ll be ragging on myself for sucking actual ass at blogging this summer!

Ever since Anthony left his job back at the end of June, we have been going full force on renovating our house five-six days a week, and then going to the beach for the weekend to relax a little bit… renovating is exhausting!

We did renovate our last house, but the demo portion was much lighter (literally and figuratively) and thus much less tiring.  Not to mention, less filthy lol.

We also managed to snag a week off to go to Florida, which I’ll go more into later… probably for a Real Talk Tuesday follow up to this and this  because it was as, if not more ridiculous than I would have guessed.

Preview: a basic stranger essentially crashed the whole vacation. 🙆 #notbeingdramatic

But I’ll type that all up for next Tuesday.  In the meantime, I have an exciting giveaway coming up, and some updates on our house for anyone interested!

Sorry for my disgusting absence, and thanks to those who stuck around!  We’re nearing the end of the hard part of renovation, so I should be finding some more free time soon!


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