hometown homage

As of about two weeks ago, we have officially begun “commuting” to “work” each day.

AKA we wake up at Anthony’s parents house, drive an hour and twenty twice a day to work on our house and to come back to the in-laws to be fed dinner like the carefree teenagers we eternally wish to be. 👷🏻‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️😂

But thanks to that two point five tanks of gas per week, I’ve been able to spend evenings and weekends back in my hometown and do all the things we used to do before we moved to Wisconsin.

This past weekend in particular, Anthony and I were finally able to scrounge up a second bike (pilfered from my mom’s house 😬) and made the effort to ride to the Starbucks I used to work at like we did back before we were too lazy to wrestle bikes into the back of an SUV.

We ended up meeting my cousin there and riding around my hometown following an art trail (different statues placed around town for a few months).

Here is me reading to a small bronze child outside the library. #volunteer


Always gaga for honest Abe.  As Anthony practices for his secret service audition.  This is, no joke, the fourth or fifth photo I have taken with Mr. Prez since he arrived here mid-May.  Easily favorite President after JFK. 😍

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Who wore it best?

Not us.

This was in front of our town hall with cars stopped at a red light just to our left.  I may be a basic B, but there’s no way I’m basic enough to do “the kiss” pose in front of a line of traffic.

So the foot pop was going to have to suffice. 😂

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset





I think Rosie’s got me beat too.  Way more bicep and work ethic.  →

After we saw all the statues that my lazy legs would allow (they are all over town but we didn’t go beyond the center) we just cruised around Main Street and suddenly it hit me how gorgeous and quaint my hometown is.

I talk a lot of shit about the snooty people and the high taxes and the endless traffic, but riding around on our bikes this past weekend kind of brought me back.  Back to when I was little and before our sleepy little town was inundated with new people moving in by the busload.  Before main street was a constant line of cars.  Before everyone was rushing around with tunnel vision focused on themselves and nothing else.

If you want to truly see the beauty of a place, you have to walk or bike. Totally immerse yourself in it rather than just driving through it. I drive through it all the time lately, and never have I had as strong “wait, I actually love this place” vibes as I felt this past weekend when I actually took a minute or two to spend time in it.

I’ve got a thing for cemeteries. Especially this one. 😍


And ok, I know the world is totally divided on this one, and I will also admit it felt like we were cheated out of a real summer due to a late start date and crappy weather, but shit, am I ready for Fall or what?  (We are going to the beach this weekend though so I may feel differently afterward..🤷‍♀️😂)  Especially this year, now that we are here on the east coast surrounded by everyone we used to do fun Fall things with.  I ramble on a lot about how I miss Wisconsin—- and I totally do.  But there’s really and truly no place like home. 🍂🧡🍁

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