DIY getting rid of coffee stains on teeth. (ie. The dentist scares me.)

Funny story.  But it ends with a giveaway valued at $149 smackers, so please, let me buy your time to whine about my irrational fears. 💃🏻 

A N Y W H O… Despite the desire of my youth to be a doctor, my early adulthood yearning to become nurse, and my ongoing obsession with Grey’s Anatomy, I have severe white coat syndrome.

This includes dentists.  

And should explain why it had been a good six or so years since my last appointment. 😮

I know.  That’s long enough to make even me gasp.  But in my defense, in addition to my normal morning/night routine, I legitimately brush my teeth out of boredom, so I thought I would be okay.

I also gladly employed the whole “oh we moved away and never got around to finding a new dentist blah blah blah” excuse during our stint in Wisconsin.  

Flash forward to mid-June when Anthony was literal days away from leaving his job, (and dental insurance) I’m minding my own business eating breakfast, and suddenly my back molar starts throbbing.

(actual footage)

I ignore it for a minute hoping it will go away.  But during that minute I have flashbacks to the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life.  AKA, the time I needed a root canal that came out of nowhere, on a weekend, in a tooth that had previously been filled by an apparent Dr. Amateur Hour that had scared me away from the dentist in the first place.

In other words 💁🏻: I suspected I had a cavity and the realization crept in that not only would I have to put on my big girl leggings and go to the dentist, but I had to do it like, that week before Anthony left his job in a couple days.  No time for my usual “I’ll get to it” BS.


I desperately tried to see it as a positive thing, since I had been dying to whiten my teeth, but didn’t want to waste money on that until after I had first found my way to a dentist to make sure everything was all well and good.  And if you know me, then you know I basically need life to beat me into submission in order to do anything I don’t want to.

Well, beat me it did.  In the form of said throbbing molar pain.

So I grew a pair, called the dentist, and by some miracle from God above managed to squeeze in the initial appointment, a cleaning and the appointments to fill the cavities they found (yes, plural, but I learned they weren’t (all) my fault!) within the time we had left before the insurance ran out.

P H E W 😅🙏😅

During all of the dread of waiting to go to the dentist and sitting through multiple tooth drillings, Heaven opened up and sent me a reward in the form of a super sweet lady named Emma asking if I’d like to give Smile Brilliant a go!

Um, yes please.  Yes I would.  Thank you universe, for this unexpected karmic token for finally acting my age.  (But let’s be real.  My maturity level is like, inches away from my mom having to make the appointment for me.)


Guys.  The whitening process was so. simple.

Once I received the kit, I made my dental impressions, mailed them off, and waited.

I didn’t wait long, because a couple days later, my custom fit whitening trays had arrived! This may sound nerdy, but I’ve always wanted whitening trays ever since one of my bosses used to talk about getting them for free from her dentist husband.  I drink a lot — A LOT of coffee.  Love the stuff.  It’s my personal motor oil.  My teeth?  Don’t love it.  Or, well, I don’t love having to work extra hard to keep my teeth from looking stained or dull.


IMG_3840 2

Before & After

Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I officially don’t have to kill myself to get rid of coffee stains.  I just pop the trays in every other night, and voila!

You can do every night, but for me personally, I was hoping to avoid gum sensitivity during ice cream season 🍦👀 and so every other night worked perfectly — hardly any sensitivity at all!  Which says a lot, because I used to use Crest White Strips like, once a week (because I am cheap and they are not) and my gums used to a c h e for days afterwards.

The process itself is a little bit time consuming because you need to use the whitening gel for 45 min to an hour or so and then follow it with the desensitizing gel for about 20 minutes after that so that you too can eat ice cream pain free.

This wasn’t a huge problem for me because I’m now 29 and borderline geriatric, therefore I wind down for the night a good 1.5 to 2 hours or so before I go to bed.  I pop the trays in, read some Harry Potter or watch TV, spit, brush, use the desensitizing gel for another twenty, spit it out, head to bed.  And that’s just me.  You can totally do it at any time of day, as long as you’re willing to hold off on eating for at least 30 minutes after use.  Since I eat practically 24/7, before bed is the easiest time, as my whole world revolves around food, but you can absolutely cater it to your own schedule!


Now for the best part… one of you lucky readers can win your own Smile Brilliant kit!  So easy, no strings attached.  I mean, if you want to follow my instagram, I won’t say no.  But for real, it’s not required. 😂

All you have to do is head over H E R E and enter in your name & e-mail address, and boom!  You’re enetered!  And there’s an Instagram follow option for anyone who wants a second entry!

Lastly, just for putting up with this long ass post about my teeth, any and everyone gets

15 % O F F at with my coupon code


Happy Monday & Happy Whitening!  Hopefully your dentist trips are a little less frightening!

Baha.  Rhymes.  Wordsmith over here.

[Insert toothbrush emoji that STILL DOES NOT EXIST]


Post contains review & affiliate links. I may receive financial or product compensation for said links, but rest assured, I only share links if it naturally fits into a post and ONLY when I actually love the product and feel like it’s worth peoples’ money.  Needless to say, as I can find fault with most things, you don’t see this disclaimer very often. 😂

16 thoughts on “DIY getting rid of coffee stains on teeth. (ie. The dentist scares me.)

  1. I tried Smile Brilliant. The thing I often struggled with was finding 45 minutes out of my day to do the treatments. If you can carve out the time, it’s really worth it!


  2. I’m not a fan of the dentist, but I make myself go! I did something similar to your story. I waited a while, and had several cavities when i finally did decide to go! I haven’t missed a trip since! Lol


  3. Oh happy you had great results with smile brilliant. I’ve tried them before and really loved how white my teeth were. Definitely recommend any looking to avoid the costly dentist.


  4. I really hate the dentist too. Not because I’ve had bad experiences or anything though, just because I feel weird about someone in my mouth. I’m always embarrassed about my teeth and feel like I should be doing more. But as for whitening them, I tried before my wedding and it worked a little but it hurt so much I couldn’t anymore. Maybe I should try this.


  5. I know a lot of people scared of doctors including dentists so, this is pretty normal. I highly suggest that you try to look for a dentist that you are most comfortable with. I used to be scared too but after several tries, I am glad that I have found a dentist with really gentle hands and is very friendly.


  6. That’s so good that you managed to do all of this before your insurance run out. The dentist can seem scary but it doesn’t need to be x


  7. I can totally relate with you, I hate going to dentist too. Smile Brilliant sounds cool, I drink too much of tea too, this might be handy if I feel my teeth need whitening. Thanks for sharing.


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