I’m a sucker.

Hi, I’m Sam, & I am a sucker.

Hi Sam.

A sucker for reality TV. (Ha, bet you thought I was going to say at blogging… that too, clearly.)

I don’t know if the Duggar family really counts as reality trash. At least not in the same way as the Kardashians or the Real Housewives of Who Gives a Shit. And maybe in this instance it could be the network that is acting like garbage in its marketing style, but the promos for this season of Counting On really nagged at me.

First though, I always feel the need to explain my interest in the ever-controversial Duggars. For starters, like all reality TV families, there is going to be some degree of scripting and phony baloney, and then there’s the obvious issue with their skeeve of an eldest son being a total creeper. But aside from him and the way the parents handled it, I don’t have too many problems with the remaining 18 Duggars and change. There’s something refreshing and wholesome about a family who is openly religious in this day and age. Minus the ultra-conservatism and of course the aforementioned sketch bucket that is the oldest brother (all of which has thankfully been removed from the show because TLC ain’t havin’ that either).

Anyway, this ninth season will no doubt be full of more weddings and babies as the remaining older Duggar children all surpass age 18 and start husband or wife hunting. There were I think two weddings last year, and of course, the long-running joke of speculation on whether or not the newest bride is yet with child (there are a lot of honeymoon babies in this family) that usually begins buzzing about the internet the day of the respective weddings.

The one detail that really ruffled my feathers was the little tidbit in the preview regarding second-newest Duggar bride finally announcing their incoming arrival, only to later circle back to say that she had sadly miscarried. This was also “announced” the same day on a lot of Duggar social media pages, including the couple’s.

This kind of jabbed at me as someone who has experienced a miscarriage. You should be able to feel it and talk about it if and whenever you’re ready and wanting to. It shouldn’t be something that is purposely kept hush-hush as an attempt at a marketing ploy/ratings grab when the show finally catches up (it typically seems about 5-7 months behind) to the real time events that take place during filming.

We’re now closing in on episode three tonight and all they have done so far is continue to “hint” at the miscarriage in “on this season of Counting On…” clips as if to keep people coming back for the “drama.” And it’s just kind of like… look bitch, either air it or don’t. But don’t keep using it and someone’s pain as some disturbingly personal hook for keeping your audience coming back for future episodes like some exciting cliffhanger.

Like I said before, it’s probably more the fault of TLC and not so much the choice of the Duggars to keep airing the laundry but never actually addressing it until they’ve milked it for all it’s worth. But still. Regardless of who is in control of this particular “marketing strategy” it’s in really poor taste, insensitive, and frankly pretty gross. But then again, it’s TLC so, I shouldn’t be surprised.

4 thoughts on “I’m a sucker.

    1. Yeah, same! I’m not sure why I said I like reality TV because I pretty much just meant the Duggars! It’s like… different from typical reality TV in that there is a more wholesome aspect.. but at the same time there are the obvious aforementioned issues I have with it as well that make it feel a lot less wholesome. Episode three has now come and gone and they still continue to “tease” it. 🙄


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