A Year in Review

Hello? Anybody here?

I’m not even going to start with the whole “oh my gosh it’s been ages since I last blogged” since I’m pretty sure that’s how I’ve started the last three or so posts I’ve made since, I don’t know, midway through 2018?

It’s been quite the year.

Actually, that’s a huge understatement.. definitely an unforgettable year. Both in the highs and the lows. And for some reason, reflecting on all of it during the holiday season has me itching to sit down and start posting again.

The lowest low, for me personally, was the somewhat unexpected passing of my dad, the week before Father’s Day. Riding on the coattails of my aunt (his older sister) passing the week before Mother’s Day. All of this followed the passing of both of Anthony’s grandmas, and his only remaining grandparents.

All of this made for the most bittersweet highest of highs, the birth of our first baby, a boy, Lincoln, born mid July. I thank God for that (now) 17lbs. of cute every single day. I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t have survived this year if it wasn’t for him.

Because on top of all of the loss, three girls I worked with at my original Starbucks store got pregnant all around the same time as me, and all four healthy babes arrived from July to September. Of course I was thrilled to get pregnant and basically watch our Starbucks friend group morph into a mom group (yay, I don’t need to meet people!) but up until that positive pregnancy test and the most nerve wracking nine months of my life, I was seriously starting to feel like everyone was fertile except for me. So, not in a petty or jealous way, but when you’re chugging along on the fertility struggle bus and everyone you see is pregnant? You’re happy for them, but in such a way that you hate them for a hot, reflexive second before your rational side kicks in.

If I had to watch my main social circle all fall pregnant while I was still wondering if my good ole Aunt Flo was still with me on this journey through childbearing years? All while dealing with family drama and more deaths than I thought possible in one calendar year? Just trust me when I tell you I wouldn’t have made it, people. πŸ˜‚

So this Thanksgiving and every single day since last Thanksgiving when I found out we were expecting, I have been endlessly thankful for this sweet, perfect, challenging, snuggly, precious, hardest yet best thing we’ve ever done little bundle of love. πŸ’“

Little Lincoln J. Four months old & already totally over his mom’s bullshit & New England winters. πŸ™ƒ

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and entirely of 2019 that I have officially missed out on by being completely MIA due to growing and birthing and now attempting to raise a baby! 😬

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