bless this freaking mess.

Yay! We made it to Friday! That means the weekend is just one day away. Which would be great news if literally every single day didn’t feel like a freaking weekend for the last four weeks. 🙂

Who would’ve thought we’d reach a point in life where we are having too much weekend?

Although, truth be told, if it weren’t for the fear of catching the viral plague, nor a loved one catching the viral plague, nor the ridiculous amount of tragedy surrounding this viral plague, nor the unemployment & uncertainty that flew in with this viral plague, I’d actually be loving this situation.

Unfortunately though, the reality of the situation far outweighs the temporary benefits. I’d obviously rather have Anthony at work than have thousands of people sick and dying and unemployed.

But, since my posts have been a little sour lately, I did want to change course and seek out the few positives that have come along with this crazy time we are living out.

So without further ado, here are some personal COVID-19 Blessings.

This post’s gifs will be in honor of the ending of Schitt’s Creek, and thus my reason for living. 😂 (And if you’re looking for a good Netflix quarantine binge, DO IT UP my dude.)

01. Reconnecting Through Disconnect.

We all probably feel a little distant these days, from anyone outside of our households. So, at least in my situation, this has naturally led me to turn to social media even more than I already did. I have found that over the last few weeks, I’ve reconnected with so many people I hadn’t been in touch with in such a long time.

I’ve learned that a cousin eleven years my junior whom I have barely seen since my wedding is basically the same person as I am. We hate all the same people (everyone) and we will absolutely become drinking buddies once we are allowed out of our cages at the end of this even if she’s not quite 21 yet.

I’ve gotten to know one of Anthony’s cousins whom I’ve only randomly met a handful of times over the last nine years. Turns out he’s hilarious and fun to talk to. Last but not least, I’ve reconnected with several elementary and high school friends. Even if said reconnections are brought about by bitching about food hoarders and people ignoring social distance guidelines, connection is connection at a time like this.

02. Tag Teaming Responsibilities

To be totally honest, I’m a little nervous about this one. I am getting a little too used to having a partner in baby wrangling all day long, and I’m not sure I’ll be ready to give that up once this whole thing is over with. 😂

My husband was furloughed for the time being, and so he’s off every day as of right now. We go for 362 walks morning noon and night, the weather is warming up, we go for drives when he’d typically be working. Aside from those aforementioned negatives, this would be my ideal situation.

Not to mention, he was home when Lincoln started army crawling. He was furloughed an additional two weeks as of yesterday, and I’m almost positive Lincoln will begin actual crawling during that time, and I’m so glad Anthony will be home to witness the moments he may have otherwise missed if he were stuck at work all day.

03. Built-in excuses.

I’m an extroverted introvert. Riddle me that.

I’m extroverted in the sense that it e n e r g i z e s the F out of me when I get to hang out with friends and be around people. But, almost equally, it also drains the shit out of me thinking about hanging out with people, as does the time leading up to said hangout where I’m secretly hoping everyone cancels and I can stay in with Netflix all night.

Thankfully, due to COVID-19 & social distancing and the stay the F home movement throughout all of this, nowadays, I never have to make plans only to wish I hadn’t made plans, only to be glad I did make plans.

In a nutshell, I love being around people. Once I’m around them. But if I’m not around them, I’m also thrilled to keep it that way. So while the extrovert in me is getting a little cagey with all this distancing crap, the introvert in me is doing high fives that I didn’t have to keep at least three engagements I had lined up on the calendar over the past four weeks.

04. I’m Learning About Myself.

For example, I’ve learned that I enjoy cleaning. I have time to clean now that I have Anthony around all the time to pass the baton to when I need to actually get things done throughout the day. Laundry is done in record time, and I don’t actually mind doing it. The things I saw as burdens are no big deal at all when I am able to just tackle them as they come rather than constantly back burner them. So when I’d say my household to do list gave me anxiety– it really doesn’t. Not having time to get to it gives me anxiety.

Ergo, I have a control problem.

Wait. I already knew that.

I’ve also learned that “I don’t have time” is just a lie I tell myself. Now that we are both home 24/7, I have nothing but time, and I still haven’t finished Lincoln’s baby blanket, nor have I continued on with organizing my incessantly growing photo stash. Which I had hoped to narrow down by now, as we are just over three months from his first birthday and thus first “yearbook.” Whoops. I got busy?

Ok, so granted it’s a not a whole lot, but it’s better than nothing right?

I again acknowledge that while Anthony being home is great and helpful and something I’d want more of, it does come at a pretty steep price for many people. I love the “home” aspect of this whole scenario. But I’d be more than willing to trade it for health, safety and certainty — any kind of certainty, at this point.

Hope you’re all staying well– and staying home!

Happy Good Friday! Still crossing my fingers for some Easter miracle where the virus just goes poof. 😂#naive

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