to see or not to see: how to safely visit during lockdown

This quarantine business is hard, y’all.

Lent was a bust. (Remember that time right before all this nonsense started when I said I was going to try to be a better person? Yeah right. God can test me all He wants but, mark my words, I failed this one, with flying colors.) Like, I’m probably less tolerant and more easily frustrated than I was before. 😂

Easter was a joke. We had both sets of parents over just to uphold some sense of holiday normalcy during this cringeworthy “season of life.” While it was so nice to see everyone and “gather,” it definitely wasn’t the same with everyone spaced 6+ feet apart on our back deck. Watching our neighbors get to hold their grandson and interact like a normal family.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much 140% over not being able to hug my mother and our parents not being able to hold Lincoln. I waited years to have a baby and it sure as shit wasn’t so that our families couldn’t be around him.

So, while this may or may not necessarily be advisable in a time like this, we actively started pursuing alternative ways to stay connected to family and friends without “breaking the rules.”

01. FaceTiming. Obviously the safest but most disconnected way to visit. I know the grandmas love the FaceTime visits, but I think they’d love them more if they were just supplemental between actual visits. And real talk, if I had known this is how a chunk of Lincoln’s first year was going to be, I would’ve stayed in Wisconsin.

02. Social Distance Visits. They look exactly like the one pictured above. Everyone stays at least 6′ from anyone not in their household. They aren’t glamorous, and I will say, sometimes it actually feels worse. For example, we visited my mom the other day and Lincoln kept reaching out for her to hold him, and she couldn’t. You could tell it killed her, it hurt me to watch, and who knows what Lincoln’s takeaway was. But, at the end of the day, it’s better than nothing.

A friend and I are going to try later this week to do the “tailgating” distance visits we’ve seen around town: parking your cars (the majority of which seem to be SUVs) a safe distance apart and hanging out in the trunk area.

03. 14 Days of Quarantine. This one admittedly has me a little apprehensive, but we are currently working toward it. My parents are off for the next week and a half. Anthony’s parents are self-employed & for the most part have the flexibility to stay home for said amount of time. Thanks to grocery delivery and the occasional curbside pickup, Anthony and I haven’t been anywhere public for almost four weeks. So we are hoping to have an actual physical visit with eat set of grandparents at the end of this week or beginning of next. Obviously this option requires the most commitment and preparation, but I feel like it’s worth it if it’s done right and safely.

Thankfully, it seems this is an overreaction as far as the strictness of the guidelines go, which does give me a little comfort.

Our parents collectively haven’t been anywhere aside from essential outings, (my mom hasn’t been anywhere for over a month) and they treat those and the sanitization process with the utmost care, as they are all in the “high risk” age group. So, ideally all will go well.

I’ve always been a rule follower, so this feels like I’m breaking the law, and I think that’s what is concerning me more than anything else. Because, in reality, what if we were living together? My biggest concern is us spreading something to them, and out of all of us, we are the ones who have stayed home the most. And the best… isn’t it funny how somehow the roles have reversed and now we kids are the ones yelling at our own parents for going out?

They seem to have the same inability to listen, too. 🤔🙄😂

How are you all coping with the disconnect? Have you found your own ways to stay close to people and get your human connection fixes? Hope you’re all staying well, and that the curve is flattening enough that this bastard of a virus will be out of here sooner rather than later!

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