Here we go again

Another year over, another dusty blog that I haven’t touched probably since the pandemic blew in from the east & yet another season of the Bachelor Nation where my pick LEFT VOLUNTARILY — CAN WE BE DONE WITH 2020 NOW PLEASE!?

For my next joke, since it’s once again about to be New Year, New Me, as per usual, I’m all gung ho and motivated to start writing again. It’s been a super busy photography season (oddly, busiest ever, even despite the Rona this year 🙏) and I will soon find myself bored and looking for something “productive” to do when my almost 18-month-old is napping.

Speaking of napping children, it’s once again become my life’s mission to get pregnant 🤰, so naturally, my period has been MIA since August. Ha, as if it were “back” to begin with. I had it twice since Lincoln was born, and then, as if it could sense my uterus longing to grow something, it got the hell out of dodge as fast as it could. Currently I’m trying a $200 (30 day money back guarantee) supplement routine to “healthy diet” my hormones back into submission, but unfortunately for me and my always poor timing, the shipment came in on 12/14, and was immediately followed two weeks of double Bachelorette showings, baked goods and giant meals so, we know how that goes. Now that the holiday happenings are behind us, I can finally get back on track with cutting my sugar, dairy and bread intake and give these vitamins a fighting chance. And if all else fails, I plan to schlepp back to my gyno for trusty Clomid which was a miracle drug with Lincoln, and I’m hoping will be just as effective for a possible baby number 2.

If you’re new here (or possibly just don’t remember me because I suck at blogging), don’t be scared. I’m not as obsessed with being pregnant as I sound. I’ve just had trouble in the past and I’m not a very patient person– you know, a recipe for a healthy cycle.

In other news, I’m brimming with blog post ideas and I’m hoping to put my old blog instagram to use as well. So, fingers crossed, wish me luck, happy new year, and don’t anyone make any sudden movements in 2021– we’ve got to be careful with this one. 😅

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